Briskw Features

Discover Briskw unique features with detailed information for each of our feature, make sure to read it though as it will give you a better understanding about the Engine and how it can be used for your benefit.

Zero Logs & Tracking

We have strict no logs policy whatsoever that means we dont store or process any tracking information about your actions in Briskw Platform. We respect your + privacy and will continue to do so and help spread out this methodology. Our Privacy is ours!

No Tracking, No Cookies.0

Lightweight Optimised

The engine is tuned for minimum user input whatever may that be HTML,CSS or JS (we avoid them whenever possible) resulting in Lightweight Optimised Engine that will send your browser whats only needed for the revelant request.

Domain Insights

All engines are collecting information from domains to be able to show any result therefore they collect a bunch of information regarding the domain as an entity but not providing any usefull domain insights which in extension benefiting the users, we on the other hand strongly believe that a search engine should provide proper domain insight information about the results that will be shown later in any form, all results resides under a Web Page and we will provide you these insights for an accurate and safer Web Experience, if you are a web geek then this is the tool for you.

Friendly Url Search

We will be offering for all our search results a user friendly url type system from Point 0. That means if you want to search for anything you can directly type it in a friendly url form as the example and we will inherit this feature to all our upcoming search results, such as the upcoming "Video Search", "Image Search", "News" etc.


Our unique index methodology is web driven, in simple words the results are generated solely from the web structure thats available to anyone and we profile the web based on web public input that we discover.

Our values

All of our tools are created based on a single value, we create tools usefull for us and our loved ones.