About us

Briskw.com name originates from the Greek Word ΒΡΙΣΚΩ which means "I Find". For that reason we used the letter [Ω - capital] [ω - minuscule] ~prononounced: "Omega" as a tribute to the Greek Language, while being the last letter in the Greek Alphabet and in our Logo "Briskω".

Reference: Wikipedia word "Βρίσκω"

What was the need?

Briskw.com is a search engine that started as a tool to cover some of our specialized (or not) search's and evolved into a search engine that's aiming for an easier/safer and efficient web experience for everyone.

Our Goals & Beliefs

We believe in efficient search among others and it's very important to know what to search for and whereas we spend daily a lot of our time to finally "discover". For that reason, we created Briskw as a Safe-Home to start your Web Browsing experience and help you through this by providing all the information you need.

How we differ?

-We present you the unique Tag Feature that allows you to discover the web as a smart catalog with tags. Our key difference is that we present you websites that are related to that term on their main domain, so we profile the websites for you with our own-crafted WebIndexer algorithm. You can find more Features & Details on the Feature Page. - We like to connect and have open principles & goals that we love to share with you and vice-versa, so we can work on that vision together and achieve something better and greater. - We build the tools as if it was being used only from our precious ones and everything we create is based on that value. - We believe in transparency and on alternatives.

Proof of Concept

That's why we created a specific page comparing face-to-face our Engine with other services such: 1)Search Engines. 2)Site Similarity engines.

Briskw Compared to other Search Engines.