Privacy Privacy Policy
Effective date: 19 February, 2019

We don't track people

Briskw doesnt collect or track personal information, therefore we don't share or take advantage of personal information. That's our Policy and we will commit to that.

The following information explains why privacy is important and should be a priority for everyone.

Information we don't Collect

When you use "Briskw Services" such as a simple search query we don't know who you are or process any information from your browser that it's usually sending automatically. The engine is just that, an engine that generates results based on the input of the user, not inputting the user to the engine.

When performing any action to a website, you usually send your IP address along with the User-Agent which can be later used to profile users and track them for any usage, and that's usually normal, we instead have configured the entire "Briskw Services" to not store any of the user details as it's default function, we don't even keep server request logs or what so ever. We just don't need it! We profile the web instead and that's where we excel.

Enjoy privacy and efficient oriented web-experience